Installation of monitoring equipment in the hydrotechnical constructions requires the most up-to-date technology of drilling. ODEX system using compressed air for drilling and removal of cuttings was successfully applied at the dam sites: Czorsztyn-Niedzica-Sromowce, Klimkówka, Żelazny Most, and Wióry..
CHEMKOP-LABORGEO's dedicated technicians are experienced in installation of monitoring equipment (inclinometers, extensometers, detectors, piezometers) in dams, landslides and other objects requiring permanent monitoring of geological engineering conditions.
   CHEMKOP-LABORGEO conducts observations and measurements in the equipment installed in hydrotechnical constructions. Photos show measurements in an inclinometer and installation of an extensometer in the dam core.
CHEMKOP-LABORGEO's in-house laboratory provides the wide range of geotechnical and geological engineering tests for both standard and large-dimension samples. Photo shows an apparatus for compactibility test for large-dimension sample of stony soil.
   Contamination assessment and monitoring require special drilling equipment and qualified team of engineers and technicians. CHEMKOP-LABORGEO satisfies these requirements.
Geological service and laboratory testing provided for hydrotechnical, industrial, and road constructions as well as geological engineering investigations and designing of remedial works for roadways and other constructions being exposed to landslide risk are special CHEMKOP-LABORGEO's services.

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