Our name and address:
   Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Geologiczno - Laboratoryjnych CHEMKOP - LABORGEO,
   Spółka z.oo, 31-261 Kraków, Wybickiego 7

   Shareholders (each shareholding amounts to 25%)
-  Eng. Aleksander Węglarz - President
-  MSc. Zbigniew Russocki - Vice-President, Chief Geologist
-  Jerzy Kwarciak - Vice-President, Technical Manager
-  MSc. Eng. Wojciech Gładysz's inheritors

CHEMKOP-LABORGEO is a professional consulting engineering firm. Our projects include a wide range of environmental and geotechnical services. To find out more about what we can do for you, explore our site.

Staff qualification

  • 1 doktor inż. geologii
  • 9 geologów z wyższym wykształceniem
  • 1 inżynier górnik - wiertnik
  • 1 inżynier mechanik
  • 6 techników geologów

Our staff of 25 full-time employees are certified and qualified in a range of disciplines.
They are:

  • 3 Management
  • 9 Specialists
  • 1 engineering geologist, Ph.D., University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
  • 6 geologist, M Sc. Geology, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
  • 1 mining-drilling engineer, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
  • 1 mechanical engineer, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
  • 5 technicians of intermediate staff
  • 2 administrative staff
  • 6 operative staff

Our specialists hold Certificates from the Ministry of the Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry/formerly State Geology Authority (3 Hydrogeologists, 3 Engigineering Geologists, 2 Geology Technicians) and Drilling Certificate from the District Mining Office in Kraków concerning drilling management of boreholes to a depth of 300m.

History and background
Our roots go back to Hydrokop Experimental Station established in 1967. In 1974, the Station was reorganised into CHEMKOP Research and Development Centre of the Ministry of Chemical Resources Mining.

Amongst other things, the CHEMKOP's qualified team of geologists performed the following:

  • Tarnobrzeg Sulphur Borehole-Exploitation Project - designing and implementation
  • Geotechnical projects (designing, analysis and reporting) concerning foundations and ground treatment and works preventing lanslide for roads and other constructions
  • Geological services for hydrotechnical projects - Solina, Myczkowce, Tresna, and Por±bka-Żar dam constructions and many minor objects
  • Mishraq Sulphur Mine Project in Iraq - designing, resources evaluation, mine construction
  • Geological services for a large number of the abroad constructions in a range of building soil geology and concrete lab testing
  • Petrochemia Płock Refinery Project - elaboration and implementation of the innovative technology of petroleum products extraction from soils and groundwater - using this technology about 700 tons of products were recovered
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater projects - contamination assessment, monitoring wells satisfying world standards, cleanup solutions.

In 1990 the geological department of CHEKOP was privatised and established as CHEMKOP-LABORGEO Ltd. The geologists being employed previously in Hydrokop and CHEMKOP are the main body of CHEMKOP-LABORGEO professionals.

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